Social Media Pros And Cons

A Look At Social Media Pros And Cons

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The use of social media has received a meteoritic rise in the past decade. No demographic can definitively claim to be immune to the influence of social media seeing that the recent trends in social media have seen more senior citizens join in on the social media craze. As a matter of fact, senior citizens above the age of 65 are the driving force behind the recent surge in social media usage numbers.

However, it should not escape any and every social media users that there are social media pros and cons. Just as it is with any other form of communication, there are advantages and disadvantages of using social media. Herein, we explore the possible pros and cons that come with using social media.

The Pros Of Using Social Media

#1. Social Media Is A Great Source Of Information

Recent research has proven a long-held notion that social media platforms such as Facebook play a huge role in disseminating news and current events to the masses. The traditional platforms for disseminating news and currents events such as newspapers are growing less and less relevant as news sources, owing to their slow pace in disseminating information. The current generation wants to consume information as soon as emerges. Social media provides a platform for this.

In addition to providing the information quickly to the masses, the platforms also provide a great place for the masses to hold discussions of the topic in question. In this regard, the platforms not only help people acquire information in an efficient manner but also enable the masses to give their views and reactions.

#2. Unsurpassed Connectivity Prospects

Another aspect of social media use that goes up on the list of pros is that these platforms provide unsurpassed connectivity whilst engaging intricate interaction. Most of the popular social media platforms have a worldwide reach. These includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn (except in states like China and North Korea where some they are is banned).

The fact that one can access these platforms from just about any part of the world gives their users tools to socialize for purposes of friendship, sharing views, marketing, finding romance, and many other purposes.

#3. Furthering Your Interest

It is common knowledge that to further your interest, you need to interact with like-minded people. Social media platforms provide the best online environment to ‘meet’ and interact with people that have the same interest as you do. For instance, people with an interest in photography can use Facebook’s Groups to interact with other people who are keen to share their experiences with photography, both novice, and experts.

With all the possible social media pros and cons, this is probably one that stands out since there is no replacement for such interaction.

The Cons Of Using Social Media

#1. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has been an underbelly of social media for quite some time. Owing to the perceived or imagined anonymity that comes with social media usage, many people use these platforms in the wrong way. Unfortunately, no one is immune from cyberbullying, even well-known celebrities such as Wentworth Miller. The bullying may emanate from just sharing an opinion, your sexual orientation, your religion, your body shape and many other things.

The psychological effects of cyberbullying are known to have pushed young users to kill themselves, which goes to show that social media platforms can turn grey.

#2. Time Wastage

Social media platform drives up to 60% of all the traffic on the internet. This shows that these platforms are very popular and among the most frequented sites. However, constantly using social media websites has a potential to cause time wastage, leading to lower productivity during any economic engagement. Using it frequently may also cause detachment making it hard to engagement socially.

#3. Privacy Invasion

Unless one restricts the audience of their post in social media platforms, users run the risk of sharing with people they do not know, thus compromising their privacy. Additionally, there is some aspect of corporate privacy invasion. This invasion of privacy emanates from the social media company sharing the information with companies for the purposes of improving their marketing products.

All in all, the social media pros and cons notwithstanding, social media usage seems to be on the rise. It is safe to say, social media are here to stay!