Social Media and Pokemon GO.

More than ever, social media can make or break a company.  We’ve all seen those companies that have messed up their social media comments – maybe they’ve said something that’s outraged their
audience, or maybe they’re just not able to connect properly with the people who buy their products.

But what about the ones who are doing things right – and making the internet work for them.pokemon go

Just this week, we’ve seen Pokemon Go take over the world.  How did something so simple, a GPS overlaid smartphone game, make such a huge impact in only a week.  Most of it was through word of mouth on social media.  There was aniticipation – when is the app coming out in my country?  There were news stories about how the game was causing distracted people to walk off cliffs, and now that the game has launched in Bosnia, there’s a real risk that people may stumble across unexploded land-mines, while trying to catch ’em all.  Nintendo’s stock value has doubled since the launch, and Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks are abuzz with news on the app.  It’s not just Nintendo who are set to make the app work for them.  Smaller companies also want to get in on the action, and there’s a lot of opportunity out there.


In the game, the virutal monsters with group up at particular points on the real-world map.  The game’s developer, Niantic, has tried to ensure that these locations are not residential, but business locations.  It’s possible that your business could get extra footfall if you set up a charging station for players, as Pokemon Go can drain a battery in no time.  Those visitors may well turn into paying customers if you set up some signs letting them know they’re welcome inside, escpicially if you’re running a business that serves refreshments.  Cathy Houghton, who runs a Cheshire-based SEO agency, has sanother tip:


Your business can pay real world currency for ‘Lures’.  There cost around £0.60 for half an hour – and they would increase the number of people who are entering into your area.  You can set the period that your lure is active for, and this means that money isn’t wasted on people who would play the game when your business is closed.

pokemon go on social media

Niantic has some other gimmicks on the way to cash ion on the craze, one of which is to allow businesses to sponsor an entire location within the game.  This is likely to spread to some of the company’s other app offerings, which are also based on location/augmented reality gaming.

This may take us into a new area of online advertising, with Cost-Per-Visit replacing cost per click.  Only time will tell, but it’s clear that this app will truly shake up the industry.

Or it could all be over in another few weeks.

The only way to find out if it can work for you is to go and pay for a few lures, and check out the results.  Track your spend, and measure the increase in visiting customers, and you’ll soon know if you’re onto a winner.  At the moment, Pokemon Go doesn’t have any kind of analytics that would help measure the impact that the new customers are bringing, but this may be fixed in time if Niantic really want to compete with the bigger companies.